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Currently Available Compositions by Charles D. Osborne

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COS 3001 Shabbat Evening Service (in Hebrew unless otherwise noted) for Cantor and unaccompanied mixed choir. Individual numbers are listed separately.
COS 3001A Ma Tovu (SATB, Cantor)
COS 3001B L'cha Dodi (SATB, Cantor)
COS 3001C Hashkiveinu (SAT, Cantor)
COS 3001D V'shamru (SATB, Cantor)
COS 3001E Chatzi Kaddish (SATB, Cantor)
COS 3001F May The Words {in English} (SATB)
COS 3001G Magen Avot (SATB)
COS 3001H Kaddish Shalem (SATB, Cantor)
COS 3001I Kiddush (SATB, Cantor)
COS 3001J Adon Olam (SATB, Cantor)
COS 5001 Weekday Evening Service. In Hebrew. For cantor (high voice) and mixed choir. Includes: V'hu Rachum, Ahavat Olam, Hashkiveinu, Yiru Eineinu and Chatzi Kaddish.
COS 3012 Hallel Service (for 1,2 and 3 part choir, cantor).
COS 1001 Shirei T'shuva - Songs of Repentance. (in Hebrew) Texts from the High Holiday Liturgy. (Soprano or Tenor). Includes At Chil Yom P'kudah, Elohai, Zochreinu, Eim Asher, Shomea Tefilla. (featured in concert by the American Society of Jewish Music).
COS 1005 Psalm I. (medium or high voice) in Hebrew, cantorial style.
COS 1006 A Graduation Prayer (for medium solo voice, suitable for unison singing).
COS 1003 Three Yiddish Songs. On texts by Yehoash (medium, high voice)
1. Dos Shenste
2. Zeyer-Anpin
3. Toi
COS 2001 Magein Avot. (in Hebrew) for soprano, baritone and organ.
COS 2002 Ana Dodi. (in Hebrew, from Shir Hashirim, Songs of Songs) for tenor, baritone, flute and piano.
COS 3002 Ein Keloheinu (SATB)
COS 3003 Adon Olam (SATB)
COS 3004 Gadol Hashalom (SSATTB, solos, tof)
COS 3005 T'vateil Milchamot (SATB, baritone)
COS 3006 Mi Van Siach (SATB) [bridal processional for wedding}
COS 3007 Leich L'shalom (SATB)
COS 3009 Ma Nishtana (SATB)
COS 3011 Ma Tovu (SATB, solo, piano)
COS 3015 Tam'u Ur'u (SATB)
COS 3016 Shomer Yisrael (SATB)
COS 3017 Ma Tovu (SATB, Children's Choir, piano, flute, clarinet, optional soprano and baritone solos). Composed for 75th Anniversary of Adas Israel, Lawrenceville, N.J.
COS 3018 Mizmor Shir Channukat Habayit (Cantor, SSA, piano or small orchestra)
COS 6001 Eishet Chayil (TTBB, piano) [Orchestral arrangement available]
COS 3013* A Tree of Life (SATB, high or low voice soloist, narrator, piano). A Jewish perspective on the ecology.
COS 3014* Souls On Fire complete orchestra score and parts available for rental. (SATB; soprano, alto, tenor, bass solos; storyteller; 2 narrators; piano). Based on the book by Elie Wiesel, with libretto by Aryeh Finklestein.
COS 3014A Souls On Fire (Same as above) Complete piano/vocal score.
Excerpts & Arrangements from Souls On Fire:
COS 3014B Prologue (SATB, mezzo-soprano solo, piano)
COS 3014C Ani Maamin [from Movement III] (SATB, soprano solo, piano)
COS 3014D Hinei Mah Tov [from Movement IV] (SATB, Piano)
COS 3014E Even The World Has A Heart [from Movement VI] (SATB, tenor solo, piano)
COS 3014F Shalom Aleichem [from Movement VII] (SATB, piano)
COA 4001 Mi Chamocha [by Renee Coleson] SATB, cantor, piano or organ.
COA 4002 Sim Shalom [by Leib Glantz] SATB, cantor.
COA 4003 Mizmor Shir Channukat Habayit [by Max Wohlberg] SATTBB, cantor.
COA 4004 Shir Hama'lot [by Josef Rosenblatt] SATB, tenor solo
COA 4005 Tikanta Shabbat [by Jennifer Wand] SATB, cantor, soprano solo.
COA 4006 Sim Shalom [by Ethan Merlin] SATB
COA 4007 Im Eshkacheich [by David Bagley] SAB, soprano solo.
COA 4008 Hob Ich Mir An Altn Daym [Yiddish Folk Song] SATB, Sop. solo.
COA 4009 Shtil, Di Nacht Iz Oysgeshternt [by Hirsh Glick] SATB, Sop. solo, piano.
COA 4010 A French Haggadah [Haggadah melodies and chants from Nice, France] SATB, Mens and Womens solos, harp or piano
COA 4111 Ki Eilecha [by Shirona] SATB, alto solo, piano, chorded for guitar. A haunting setting of Anim Zemirot.
Available Fall 2002
COS 3018 Kings and Fisherman [Libretto by Aryeh Finklestein] A full length Oratorio that tells the story of Denmarks valiant rescue of it's Jewish community. (SATB; soprano, alto, tenor, bass, boy soprano solos; 3 narrators; piano).
COS 3118 Kings and Fisherman complete orchestra score and parts available for rental.


COS 1002 Three English Songs (medium high voice, piano) 1984
1. My Garden (text by Thomas Edward Brown)
2. April is Smiling (text by Marjorie Johnson)
3. The Last Invocation (text by Walt Whitman)
COS 1004 When You Are Old (Soprano or Tenor, piano) text by W.B. Yeats 1989
COS 1007 Skywater (Soprano, flute, and piano) © 2001 Libretto by Aryeh Finkelstein, based on text by Henry David Thoreau
COS 1107 Skywater (Soprano and Orchestra) © 2001 Libretto by Aryeh Finkelstein, based on text by Henry David Thoreau
COS 3301 Golden Liberty © 2001 Cantata in three movements, Libretto by Aryeh Finklestein Premiered July 3, 2001 Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.
COS 3301a 1. Proclaim Liberty from Golden Liberty (Soprano, Baritone duet, piano))
COS 3301b 2. Golden Prize from Golden Liberty (SATB, piano)
COS 3301c 3. Golden Door from Golden Liberty (Soprano, Tenor duet, SATB, piano)
COS 3013* A Tree of Life © 1993 (SATB, Tenor or Baritone soloist, narrator, piano) ;
COS 3113 A Tree of Life © 2000 (Same as above with full orchestration)
COS 3014 Souls On Fire © 1998 (SATB, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass solos; storyteller, 2 narrators; piano) based on the Novel by Elie Wiesel, with libretto by Aryeh Finklestein. Complete piano/vocal score.
COS 3114* Souls On Fire © 1998 (Same as above with full orchestration)
COS 3015 Kings and Fishermen © 2000 (SATB, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass solos; storyteller, 2 narrators, boy soloist; piano) libretto by Aryeh Finklestein.
COS 3115 Kings and Fishermen © 2000 (Same as above with full orchestration)
COS 3215 Symphony in A Flat © 1999 (Souls Symphony)
COS 6101 A Woman of Valor © 1999
COS 6201 Psalm 122 © 1999
COS 8001 Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra © 2001
COS 8002 Concerto for Flute and Chamber Orchestra © 2000
COS 7001 Sonatina for Piano © 1998
COS 7002 String Quartet No.1 © 1998 (2 Violins, Viola, Cello)
COS 7003 Prelude and Fugue for Brass © 1999 (2 trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba)

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